You're interested in renting a furnished apartment? Here are the most asked questions & answers:

FAQ providers - Frequently asked questions

1. General questions


FARAWAYHOME is a secure platform for renting and renting out furnished flats and Services Apartments in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg and London. Due to our focus on the premium and luxury segment we can show the largest offer in this segment in Berlin.

Our target is to find the perfect tenant for you - as secure and easy as possible.

Simply register your flat, arrange a photo and video appointment, receive verified inquiries, choose your desired tenant.

How much does the marketing of my flat cost via FARAWAYHOME?

Our services are completely free of charge for you until the completion of a rental contract. That means cooperation with FARAWAYHOME is totally free of risk for you.

In the case of a successful mediation of your furnished flat via FARAWAYHOME there will be a commission for our service, which has to be paid by the client of the agent since 01. June 2015 upon occurrence of the „tenancy law re-enactment law“ and the related “customer principle“. The commission that has to be paid to FARAWAYHOME is based on the mediated rental period and rent.

You can claim the commission as advertising costs on your income statement.

In the event of a rental extension there will a subsequent billing of the commission under the same conditions (if the legal maximum commission was not yet achieved by a tenant).

What is the procedure for renting my furnished flat via FARAWAYHOME?

FARAWAYHOME is your reliable partner and supports you in all topics and matters. You can rely on FARAWAYHOME. The basic process for you as a landlord is the following: 

1. Send us images and information on your flat to: 
2. You will receive a prompt feedback whether your flat can be offered on FARAWAYHOME or not

3. If your flat can be offered on FARAWAYHOME, you will receive an e-mail with access data to your landlord area
4. Arrange a photo and video appointment with our photograph

5. Release the exposé of your furnished flat which we created and switch your flat to “live” by doing so

6. Choose a suitable tenant from the verified inquiries

7. If required, the interested tenant receives a flat viewing

8. Sign the rental contract and receive the first rent and deposit to your account

9. Hand over your flat to the tenant

2. Why should I let with FARAWAYHOME?

You enjoy the following advantages in the case of renting via FARAWAYHOME

1. No minimum contract period and no exclusivity obligations
2. Benefit from the competence and range of the Berlin market leader for furnished luxury and premium flats.
3. Best possible presentation of your flat (with authentic images, video tour and an individual description)

4. No risk at all, because the commission payment is only due in the case of successful mediation. There will be no further costs

5. Background and credit check (verification) of each interested person and potential tenant

6. Preparation and coordination of the legally checked rental contract

7. Organization and implementation (optional) of viewings (in your presence or on your behalf)

8. Provision of all necessary forms / documents for the renting (for example handover protocols)

9. Competent and reliable FARAWAYHOME advisor on site
10. Access to the proven FARAWAYHOME network with interior designers, craftsmen, etc.

Summarized: Time saving, more security and higher rental income due to better tenants

3. How it works

What requirements does my furnished flat have to meet to be accepted on FARAWAYHOME?

We are constantly looking for new, high quality furnished Flats and Serviced Apartments. Due to our powerful network and partnerships, demand is higher than supply.

You will only find the best Properties on FARAWAYHOME. Our requirements for new apartments are correspondingly high. Your Apartment should have the following characteristics:

- High-quality, tasteful furnishing 

- Renovated, as good as new or first occupancy

- Fully equipped (dishes, towels, bedding, etc.)

- Television and wireless internet connection

- A washing machine and common kitchen appliances must be available

- Of advantage: Dryer, possible car parking space (outside parking lot or underground parking)

Simply send us significant pictures and further information (address, size, etc.) to We will get in touch with you as soon as possible with an assessment.
Of course you are welcome to contact us if you have any questions. You can either send us an e-mail or call us on +49 30 120 640 86.

My apartment meets all the mentioned criteria, what is the further procedure?

If your furnished flat meets all the necessary criteria, please send us images and further information (address, size, etc.) via e-mail to

The images do not have to be professional, but merely serve to give a first impression of the equipment and the actual state of your apartment.
As soon as we have received your information, we will check whether your furnished flat suits the needs and requirements of our clients. If so, we will contact you as soon as possible in order to discuss the further procedure.

What happens if FARAWAYHOME would like to add my furnished flat?

After we have confirmed the acceptance of your flat in our portfolio to you, you will receive your log-in data for the landlord section. These consist of your specified e-mail address and a password determined by us (a change of the password is possible at any time).

You can manage the availability of your flat in a calendar, fix the price of your apartment, and view all inquiries in the landlord section.

 After that a FARAWAYHOME photographer will arrange an appointment with you for the photoshooting (depends on selected package)

FARAWAYHOME only receives a commission when we have successfully mediated your flat. If a rental should not be achieved by FARAWAYHOME, no costs will arise for you as a landlord.

I was informed that there is a potential tenant for my flat. What is the further procedure?

As soon as an inquiry for your furnished flat is available, it will be checked by FARAWAYHOME. When all necessary data of the tenant are available, you will be informed about it via e-mail and in your landlord section. The e-mail contains basic details about the potential tenant, so that you can make a decision whether you find the inquiry interesting or not.

If the potential tenant is suitable for you, you can confirm the inquiry via the landlord section. 

If the tenant requires a viewing, this will be performed, according to your desire, by us alone, by you alone, or jointly.

If the tenant is still interested in renting your flat after the viewing, FARAWAYHOME will request all necessary data (copy of ID card, last 3 salary statements, etc.) of the tenant. When all data is available, the rental contract will be prepared and sent to you and the tenant via e-mail, and also stored in your landlord section.

The next step after signing the rental contract is that you and your tenant arrange an appointment for the hand-over of keys. A protocol template for the hand-over of keys and an inventory list are provided by FARAWAYHOME.

The tenant transfers the first rent and the disposal to your account before moving into the flat. This normally occurs after signing the rental contract.

Of course FARAWAYHOME is available for you as personal contact partner at any time during the rental period.

4. Rent successfully

What criteria do the most tenants use to decide on a flat?

Every potential tenant is individual and therefore has very different demands and requirements. 

Expatriates (also: expats) are often in search of smaller flats, while managers with family and children rather need a larger apartment or even a house.

As long as your furnished flat is of high-quality and appealing, you will find the suitable tenant for it via FARAWAYHOME

What type of clients does FARAWAYHOME have?

As the market leader for furnished apartments in the luxury and premium section FARAWAYHOME has a wide range of potential tenants.

Our tenants include embassy staff (diplomats), actors, entrepreneurs, managers, or expats.

Every inquiry is intensively reviewed by FARAWAYHOME, so that a potential tenant will only be introduced to you after a positive verification.

What is the amount of rent for my apartment composed of?

Our rentals are always overall rents. That means that the costs for electricity, water, gas, internet and all other ancillary costs are already included in the rent.

Of course you may offer the tenant further chargeable services. These are normally: Final cleaning, underground parking space, regular cleaner.

You can provide and charge these services additionally (upon consultation with the tenant). Please indicate such services in the advertisement beforehand.

Do I have to offer my flat exclusively via FARAWAYHOME?

No, you do not necessarily have to.

Nevertheless, we would be glad to offer your flat exclusively, which has several advantages for you. Be welcome to contact us for more details on this.

In addition, mediation via FARAWAYHOME is non-binding and you can have your furnished flat removed from the FARAWAYHOME website at any time. All rental contracts that have already been concluded, however, remain unaffected by this. There is no risk for you.

What do I have to do if I have rented my flat via private contacts or similar?

If you have rented your apartment otherwise, please update the availability in your FARAWAYHOME Account.

In order to enable the smoothest possible process for potential tenants, we request that you update your availabilities on a regular basis, so that automatically no time periods can be inquired that are not available. This saves time and effort for you and for the interested person.

Can I determine myself whether, for example, pets or smokers are allowed in my furnished flat?

Of course, it is entirely up to you which house rules you define for your furnished flat. Moreover, if you accept pets you can determine the type or size of the animal. A general smoking ban applies generally to tenants in all FARAWAYHOME apartments.

5. Deposit and rent payment

Do I receive a deposit from the tenant?

You can determine the deposit amount yourself within your FARAWAYHOME Account.
The regular deposit is between 1 and 3 monthly rents. We recommend 2 monthly rents.

When do I receive the deposit?

The tenant transfers the deposit to your account before moving into the flat, in any case before the hand-over of keys. We advise the tenants to transfer the deposit and the first monthly rent to the landlord directly after signing the contract.

 When do I as a landlord receive the first rent payment?

The tenant transfers the first monthly rent before moving into the flat and hand-over of keys. We advise the tenant to transfer the deposit amount and the first monthly rent to the landlord after signing the contract.

When do I as a landlord receive the regular rent payment?

According to the rental contract the tenant is obliged to transfer the outstanding rent to the landlord within the first three days of the month.

6. Further questions

 My flat is (still) unfurnished - can it still be offered via FARAWAYHOME?

Yes. You can offer furnished as well as unfurnished Properties on FARAWAYHOME.

If you are thinking of furnishing your flat and then renting it furnished, we would be pleased to advise you on the necessary steps for this. Due to our experience in mediation of furnished flats we know very well about the needs and requirements of potential tenants and accordingly we can pass on recommendations.

Furthermore, we work together with various cooperation partners who already have equipped various flats in our portfolio, either completely or partly and they know the needs of our customers very well.

Be welcome to contact us about this via e-mail to or call us on +49 30 120 640 86.

7. Safety

How secure is a rental via FARAWAYHOME?

The security for tenants and landlords is the priority of FARAWAYHOME. For that reason we have taken the following measures in order to maintain maximum security for the landlord:

1. Highest security is guaranteed for the landlord due to exclusively verified tenants.

2. Maximum reduction of rent losses due to proof of income and credit rating. 

3. Damage security for your furniture and apartment decoration due to binding deposit and liability insurance

4. We have sufficient personal data of all verified tenants for a legal proof of identification

5. We provide both sides with a fair, legally checked rental contract
6. Competent personal contact partner on site

Our high security standards lead to the fact that FARAWAYHOME is so far 100% free of fraud. We maintain this and work on making FARAWAYHOME even more secure every day.

What should I do if a potential tenant asks me to rent out my apartment beyond FARAWAYHOME?

We attach the greatest importance to all persons who would like to rent or rent out an apartment via FARAWAYHOME. All interested persons are manually checked by us and must verify themselves before an inquiry is forwarded to a landlord.

If you enter into a tenancy beyond FARAWAYHOME, we cannot offer you our range of services and the associated security. We expressly warn against handing over keys to tenants without a rental contract checked by FARAWAYHOME.

Contacting, exchange of information, communication and payment should always be made via our system or the employees of FARAWAYHOME for your own security.Particularly money transfers via services such as „Western Union“ or „Money Gram“ are often used by fraudsters.

If anyone should ask you to enter into a contract under exclusion of FARAWAYHOME or to hand-over keys without a rental contract and/or without paying money for rent and deposit to your account, please contact us immediately. You can either send us an e-mail to or call us on +49 30 120 640 86.

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