What is Corporate Housing?

The Best German Corporate Housing for Executives

Do you have extended business in Germany or are you embarking on a US-Germany business venture? A German corporate apartment is the ideal choice for your business. Diplomats will also find our serviced apartments ideal for their short or long-term placements in Germany. Corporate housing is the perfect way to feel right at home the minute you arrive- avoid the expense and hassle of an extended stay hotel. Our listings of fully furnished corporate apartments require no additional work from you and are move-in ready right away. This will make the transition, or business trip to Germany as easy and pleasant as possible.

Leverage our Germany expertise to find suitable short-term or long-term housing for for executives with extended business in Germany. Our corporate apartments are conveniently located in or near business districts, stylishly furnished, and offer premium amenities. FARAWAYHOME has the very best corporate housing options for executives.


Corporate Housing Is The Best Choice For Your Business

Whether you have several weeks of meetings or are embarking on a long-term business venture, there are many reasons why corporate housing is the best choice for your business.

Less expensive than a hotel. Corporate apartments are more cost-efficient for any business trip longer than 4 nights. Compared to hotels preferred by executives, corporate housing offers more square footage per dollar and includes more comfortable accommodations. All of FARAWAYHOME’s corporate apartments are impeccably decorated. Furthermore, events or conferences can cause hotel prices to dramatically rise, corporate apartment rental costs are stable and predictable.

Superior accommodations. Corporate apartments offer larger living and sleeping areas than hotel rooms and often come with fully equipped gyms, meeting spaces, and other common areas. The common areas of corporate serviced apartments are superior to hotel offerings- they offer higher quality furnishings and have more gym equipment and features including rooftop decks, pool tables and fireplaces.

More privacy. Corporate housing offers employees and diplomats an upscale, residential setting- much more desirable setting than a busy, noisy, and crowded hotel. Corporate apartments offer quite and privacy. All common areas, including gyms and meeting rooms, also offer more privacy than the common areas of hotels.

Meal Savings. Corporate apartments offer your executive the ability to cook their meals, saving your business the premium price of 3 restaurant meals a day. Executives prefer the ability to alternate between healthier home cooked meals and client dinners. Your executive may even prefer the ability to host a dinner or gathering for clients.

A better experience. Corporate apartments offer a superior experience for executives, they offer the comforts of home. Our furnished apartments for executives come fully equipped with household comforts including cookware, linen, appliances, furniture, and even decor. You can select the perfect apartment with the appropriate array of furnishing, or leverage our housing experts to find the accommodation that best suits your executive’s needs and tastes.


Benefits of Corporate Apartments Compared To Regular Apartments

Agile Business Opportunities. Our listings of fully furnished corporate apartments require no additional work from your business or your executive leaders. Simply pick the corporate apartment and pack your clothes. This makes a business trip to Germany as easy as possible- no need for months of planning or extensive logistics. If you have a business opportunity in Germany, seize it.

Fully Satisfied Executives. With a comfortable, fully furnished corporate apartment, your executive will be at ease and able to fully focus on the business mission. FARAWAYHOME’s corporate apartments are located in the heart of Germany’s commercial districts, making business meetings and deals as convenient as possible. With the privacy of a well-maintained residential building and comfortable accommodations, your executive will be fully satisfied their time in Germany, and with our corporate housing arrangements.

Superior Accommodations. Our corporate apartments are comfortably furnished, have high-end features like appliances and electronics, are within luxury residential buildings in desirable neighborhoods, and often include gyms and meeting rooms. Your executive will prefer our apartment accommodations to hotel accommodations. Corporate apartments a superior to a hotel experience in every way, and are more cost-efficient.

Short-term, Long-term, and Traditional Lease Options for Corporate Apartments

Whether you’re an expat, executive, diplomat, or looking for permanent housing for you and your family, FARAWAYHOME has the appropriate lease duration for your needs. Our corporate apartment listings include short-term, long-term, and traditional corporate housing lease options. Finding an apartment in a new country or city has never been easier with our wide variety of curated listings and our satisfaction guarantee. 

Short-term housing is ideal for employees traveling to Germany for extended business trips. New expats and diplomats can also leverage short-term corporating housing as a way to settle into a new country while they hunt for a permanent home to purchase. Short-term leases are three to 12 months in duration.

Long-term apartment leases are ideal for executives or companies with regular business in Germany, or diplomats on a long-term placement. Long-term corporate apartment leases are usually for several years.

Traditional leases are ideal for anyone looking for a furnished apartment in a top Germany city for 12 to 24 months.


Apartment Locations For Every Preference

No matter your housing or accommodation need, FARAWAYHOME has the ideal furnished apartment lease. From short-term leases for extended business stays to long-term leases for one or two-year deployments or assignments- we’ve got many options in Germany’s business or government centers including Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, and Hamburg well as in London and San Francisco.

From popular neighborhoods to different cities in Germany and beyond, FARAWAYHOME has furnished luxury apartments for every preference. Whether you’re looking to enjoy Germany’s cultural offerings or for a suitable neighborhood for your family, we’ll help your find the perfect apartment. We have selected the best furnished luxury apartments near hotspots, business centers, top-rated schools, renowned universities, cultural sites, and scenic parks.


Renting A Corporate Apartment from FARAWAYHOME

The corporate housing available via FARAWAYHOME are fully furnished and in well-kept residential buildings. The apartments have all the accommodations of a true home and make employees and diplomats feel much more at ease, and comfortable while staying in Germany. FARAWAYHOME will guide you and your company through all the steps for securing a corporate apartment.

Businesses will find corporate housing or serviced apartments especially ideal for their executives’ needs. FARAWAYHOME’s serviced apartments are ideal for short-term business stays and busy professionals as they offer regular cleaning services, over-sized rooms, and mid-sized kitchenettes. Serviced apartment buildings include useful amenities such as fitness centers, laundry rooms, and rec rooms. Both corporate apartments and serviced apartments are superior to traditional hotel rooms because they provide more space, comfort, convenience, and privacy- all for a better price!

FARAWAYHOME's experts can help you find the perfect furnished apartment, with or without services for your business’ needs. We offer corporate apartments for every business’ budget- from furnished apartments to all inclusive serviced apartments, even luxury furnished Apartments for distinguished diplomats or executives and their families. 


The Process for Renting A Corporate Apartment In Germany

Securing Approval. After you select the best corporate apartment for your business, the apartment owner will most likely require copies of your last 3 income statements and your executive’s ID or Passport. The process will likely be made easier by also supplying a “Schufa Auskunft”, or a letter from your corporate or executive’s current landlord.  “Haftpflichtversicherung” or  German liability insurance is also a nice additional step to take.

Rental Agreement. The corporate apartment rental agreement will most likely be in German. FARAWAYHOME can provide a translation. Request that the apartment owner uses an official form, which should make the process simpler and easier. We also recommend having a German lawyer review your agreement. 

Apartment Deposit. After the corporate rental agreement is signed, you will likely need to transfer the first month rent and a refunded deposit worth 2 month’s rent. In Germany, an apartment owner or landlord may not ask for more than the value of 3 month’s rent up front. Most German apartment owners will prefer a transfer to their bank. To do this, you'll need the account holder’s name, the Iban and the BIC / Swift.

If your business will be renting for longer than a year, you should consider opening a German bank account. This will make paying bills in Germany much easier.

Pre Move In. Have the apartment owner write up a hand-over protocol. It should detail the exact address, floor, square footage, number of keys, and the name of the person handing over the apartment. Have your executive or an assistant make detailed documentation about the state of the apartment (decor, furniture, walls, windows, etc) upon arrival.

Settling In. After your executive has moved-in, they will have have 2 weeks by law to register at the Citizen’s office of the City. They will need their ID Card / Passport, the Rental Agreement and the "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung", or their confirmation of your apartment arrangement.  The apartment owner or landlord must provide you with this confirmation document within 2 weeks also. You'll also need a residence permit (“Aufenthaltstitel”) allowing you to stay longer than 3 months, if you are not an EU citizen, or from Liechtenstein or Norway. 


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