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The Luxury Apartments for Buying in Berlin

Life in Berlin has been trending upwards for years now. Unemployment has stayed low, wages are climbing, and the property market is considered one of the most investable in the world. The city offers great value to businesses and residents alike, and it’s no surprise that there are many luxury apartments in Berlin for sale.

Because post-communist Berlin took time to rebuild, the city is finely poised for investment in real estate: there are beautiful properties in charming locations, but the cost of the property is still a long way behind other European cities like London and Paris.

But the reason Berlin attracts such a diverse and successful population goes beyond housing infrastructure. The city itself is teeming with activity; it’s a thriving metropolis with great healthcare, seamless transport links, a thriving social scene, and a positive mass mindset. When you buy luxury apartments in Berlin, Germany, you’re also investing in a truly unique and welcoming culture.


Where to move: the different boroughs of Berlin

Before diving into specific apartments and their amenities, let’s take a birds-eye view of Berlin and examine its distinct boroughs and districts. With nearly 4 million people spread over 891.1 km2, Berlin is split into almost ‘mini cities’, each with its own distinct style, population, and culture.

Here’s a quick look at the most popular:

  • Mitte - Mitte is Berlin in microcosm: a sprawling borough covering the west part of the city, featuring significant locations such as the Brandenburg Gate and the stunning Tiergarten park. It is an influential location primed for shopping, historical learning, and live entertainment.

  • Prenzlauer Berg - This district is particularly favored by young adults and families: it offers all the style and pizzaz of a gentrified neighborhood, with the comfortable feel and amenities of a family suburb. If you’re in the market for an apartment whose value is going up, then Prenzlauer Berg is a must-consider.

  • Charlottenburg - Though somewhat removed from the city center, Charlottenburg is bursting with culture and historical significance. There are gorgeous 17th-century gardens mixed in with fine dining restaurants and theatres, and it’s probably the most sought-after location in the city.

  • Tiergarten - Nothing special really, unless you care for breathtaking park views, gorgeous housing and proximity to most of the city’s government and educational buildings!

  • Wilmersdorf - Wilmersdorf is incredibly popular among business execs, entrepreneurs, and anyone who enjoys living in a dynamic and energetic area. There’s endless entertainment, plenty of green space, and a long list of incredibly highly-valued luxury apartments.

This is just scratching the surface of what’s available to Berliners. Depending who you talk to, these areas could be split up street-by-street or grouped together, or they might recommend entirely new areas. You’ll find Berlin centre luxury apartments for sale which you’ll love and others hate: it’s all part and parcel of life in such a diverse city.

One of the beautiful things about Berlin is that it never truly sits still. Areas change and grow, and we definitely recommend spending some time in the city before purchasing your apartment.


What kind of luxury apartments can you find in Berlin?

When curating our list of luxury apartments, our singular goal is to ensure that in any of our properties you should want for nothing. So whether it’s a sprawling 5-bedroom plaza or a cosy, just-off-the-waterfront ground floor apartment, your new home is prepared with a level of consistency we’re very proud of.

For a start, each home is exquisitely furnished with high-quality furniture and tasteful decor by accomplished interior designers. Each room has its own presence and character, but of course, since you’ll own the apartment, you can make any changes you like!

You can expect a fully equipped kitchen, generous living spaces, natural light, modern conveniences such as superfast broadband, and much more as standard with your apartment.

Our apartments include comfortable 1, 2, and 3 bed apartments all over the city. By offering a wide range of these luxury apartments, we can cater to your preferences: quiet suburbia, close to work, proximity to the road, water and parks, access to public transport, and so on. For those requiring more space, we have elegant 5-6 bedroom properties with sprawling floor plans over hundreds of square meters.

The best luxury apartments to buy in Berlin aren’t just defined by what’s inside, but by its surroundings. You’ll find our apartments nestled into the most coveted locations across the city.


Transport and commuting in Berlin

Berlin is a massive city with more cultural identity than entire countries—but it’s surprisingly easy to navigate. Most locals avoid driving too much, as the roads can get congested at peak hours. Instead, they favor the city’s effortless public transport system: bikes, trains, metro carriages, trams, and buses all flow across the city like strands in an intricate spider’s web, each route distinct from the rest.

Everything’s clean, spacious, and punctual. It’s the kind of city where, despite its size, traveling a few miles to school or work is both speedy and relaxing.


Securing your property: how quickly do things move?

German bureaucracy is famously strict, and this is as true in Berlin as anywhere. The difference with Farawayhome is that we handle the majority of logistics, paperwork, and legalities on your behalf. Not only does this clarify the whole purchasing process, but it accelerates it: once you decide to purchase a property with us, we’ll make the entire journey as easy as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is it worth purchasing luxury apartments in Berlin?

    • When it comes to luxury property, Berlin is the envy of Europe. The housing market is incredibly stable and set for a strong period of growth. What’s more, the city itself is thriving and has become one of the most migrated-to locations on the continent.

  • What’s the best way to buy luxury apartments in Berlin?

    • Buying luxury apartments in Berlin with Farawayhome lets you bypass the usual stress, hassle, and uncertainty. We maintain a curated list of apartments (which we have personally inspected and approved) so you’ll never be mis-sold.

  • Where to buy luxury apartments in Berlin?

    • As we’ve discussed, every district of Berlin has its own unique character and culture. Once you find your ideal location, then you can start viewing Farawayhome apartments in the area.

  • How much do luxury apartments cost in Berlin?

    • We offer low price luxury apartments in Berlin (from EUR 250,000) to more expansive properties worth several million euros. The location, design, size, and finish all factor into the price. One thing that’s for sure is that whatever you pay today, your apartment will be worth much more in a few years’ time.

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