Frankfurt am Main, Germany

€ 4,250 / Month
Luxury 2-bedroom apartment with stunning View Frankfurt Grand Tower
Frankfurt Innenstadt
Furnished apartment 2
€ 3,700 / Month
Luxury 2-bedroom apartment Grand Tower 8th floor
Munich Zentrum
Furnished apartment 2
€ 4,200 / Month
Luxury 2-bedroom apartment Grand Tower 18th floor
Munich Zentrum
Furnished Apartment 2
€ 3,200 / Month
Luxury 1-bedroom apartment with stunnning View, Grand Tower Frankfurt, 35th floor
Munich Zentrum
Furnished Apartment 1
€ 1,500 / Month
LIBERTINEs Maisonette
Frankfurt Sachsenhausen
Serviced Apartment 1
€ 1,300 / Month
Frankfurt Ostend
Serviced Apartment 1
€ 1,400 / Month
Frankfurt Sachsenhausen
Serviced Apartment 1
€ 1,300 / Month
Frankfurt Sachsenhausen
Serviced Apartment 1
€ 4,950 / Month
2 room Corner Suite at the old opera
Frankfurt Innenstadt
Serviced Apartment 1
€ 4,950 / Month
3 room Family Suite at the old opera
Frankfurt Innenstadt
Serviced Apartment 2
€ 3,770 / Month
2 Room Junior Suite at the old opera
Frankfurt Innenstadt
Serviced Apartment 1
€ 2,810 / Month
Studio Apartment at the old opera
Frankfurt Innenstadt
Serviced Apartment Studio

Short and Long Term Apartments in Frankfurt

Home of the European Central Bank and a thriving business and finance economy, Frankfurt is a popular home for visiting and expatriate businesspeople. At the same time, it embodies everything we love about German cities: traditional cuisine, taverns and architecture blends with cutting-edge infrastructure and luscious green spaces to create a diverse space that attracts all kinds of people. 

Apartments in Frankfurt-am-Main are found in all areas of the city, ranging from cosy studios to expansive family-sized homes. 


Finding Your Ideal Apartment in Frankfurt

Our Frankfurt apartments are carefully selected so as to offer only the very highest-quality to our guests. Our serviced apartments go above and beyond hotel amenities, with fully-equipped gyms and fitness studios, full-size kitchens, cutting-edge tech, and much more spacious bedrooms and living areas. 

We also offer fully furnished apartments (so you can live like “home” from day one), as well as luxury apartments for those looking for a truly premium experience. Our corporate housing is ideal for business executives looking to stay close to work as they acclimatise to life here in Frankfurt.

Here are a few extra resources to help you easily find apartments in Frankfurt, Germany:  

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Luxury Apartments for Rent in Frankfurt, Germany

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Finding your ideal neighbourhood can take a bit of time. If you’re looking to relocate permanently to Frankfurt, we recommend checking out apartments for rent in Frankfurt so you can get to know different areas before committing. 

Several of the most popular districts in Frankfurt include: 

  • Westend
    • Graced with stunning architecture, ultra-modern offices, boutique stores, and even two glorious and open parks - Grüneburgpark and Palmengarten - Westend is comfortably the most luxurious and upmarket area in all of Frankfurt. The district is ideal for anyone staying here for business, since it is also renowned as a financial and business hub. 

As an affluent area, this is where you’ll find the most beautiful business apartments in Frankfurt. 

    • Nordend
      • Once a thriving environmentalist hotspot, Nordend remains a place of strong community and draws a diverse crowd, from bohemians to business executives. The area has a strong family vibe, with a plethora of restaurants and boutique stores for the parents, and grassy areas and sports centres for the kids. Here you’ll find many of the new apartments for rent in Frankfurt. 
    • Sachsenhausen
      • With its cobbled streets, colourful houses, and authentic shops and restaurants, Sachsenhausen is the very definition of Old Town. The local culture is also richly displayed with museums and attractions, while Frankfurters flock from all over the city to share a few cups of the famous apple wine the area is known for. Apartments in Frankfurt city centre are among the most popular in the city! 
    • Bornheim
      • In Bornheim, you’ll find all sorts of classic Frankfurt looks: happy couples sipping coffee from a sunny terrace, kids chasing each other around in Bethmannpark, and twice-weekly farmers markets at Berger Strasse. The district is best-known as a shopping destination, and is always busiest on the weekends. 


Sightseeing and landmarks in Frankfurt

Frankfurt has long ranked as one of the top cities in Europe to visit and live in. It is a world-leader in education, with many museums exploring art, science, and history. There's even a dedicated museum district (Museumsufer) by the river’s south bank. The old town is dotted with historical buildings and post-war artifacts, as well as the famous Römerberg public square. 

Frankfurt is the kind of city you could spend days exploring while barely scratching its surface, and apartments in Frankfurt city centre put you right next to all this culture. It is a deep, refined, and energetic city where anyone can feel at home. 


Eating, Drinking, and Leisure

Unlike Munich, which is almost sacred in how it treats traditional Bavarian cuisine, Frankfurt offers a truly global spread - even for vegetarians and vegans! That said, lots of restaurants do build their menus around the staples: sausages, sauerkraut and cheese. 

There are trendy restaurants with outdoor terraces, tiny holes-in-the-wall, and fine dining experiences in every district of Frankfurt. There is also an abundance of live music, theatre, and cinema and our new apartments for rent in Frankfurt will keep you close to all the best action.



Frankfurt is a major hub for finance and business, and that means that during the week, it’s effectively an enormous commuter town! Fortunately, the public transport system is intuitive, widespread, and very affordable. There are trams, trains, buses, and even a subway (all of which use a single-ticketing system!) and we personally recommend buses for going further afield (they cover the most ground) and S-Bahn trains for faster local journeys. 


FAQs about Rental Accommodation in Frankfurt

What is the average rent in Frankfurt, Germany? 

  • The monthly cost of our temporary apartments in Frankfurt varies depending on your choice. We have fully serviced apartments, furnished regular apartments, and even a selection of luxury and corporate accommodation - check out our listings to get a clearer idea of cost! 

When do you need to rent an apartment in Frankfurt? 

  • When renting apartments in Frankfurt-am-Main with FARAWAYHOME, all you need is ID (for most apartments) and also proof of income for our furnished apartments. It couldn’t be much easier! 

Do I need to know German? 

  • Like most of Germany, the population in Frankfurt is generally very proficient in English. For dealing with very small business or more rural individuals, some degree of German would certainly be helpful. 

Is it easy to drive in Frankfurt? 

  • There is a substantial “Low Emission Zone” in Frankfurt which can make driving around town a  little more complex if your vehicle isn’t registered. Given the excellent quality of public transport throughout Frankfurt, you won’t normally need to drive! 

What’s the weather like in Frankfurt over the year? 

  • While the summer can be pleasantly warm and sunny (average of 15-20oC) the winters are very cold and windy, averaging around 2oC. It doesn’t rain too heavily, but can drizzle quite often outside of summer months.





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