Furnished Luxury Apartments Frankfurt

Rent furnished Luxury Apartments and Flats in Frankfurt am Main

€ 2,650 / Month
Wonderful & cute flat in Frankfurt am Main
Europa-Allee , 60486 Frankfurt Gallus
Furnished apartment 1
€ 105 / Night
COPY - 1-room penthouse, fully equipped, centrally located in Niederrad
Triftstraße, 60528 Frankfurt Niederrad
Serviced Apartment Studio
€ 100 / Night
1-room penthouse, fully equipped, centrally located in Niederrad
Triftstraße, 60528 Frankfurt Niederrad
Serviced Apartment Studio
€ 110 / Night
2-room penthouse, fully equipped, centrally located in Niederrad
Triftstraße, 60528 Frankfurt Niederrad
Serviced Apartment 1
€ 90 / Night
2-person apartment, fully equipped, centrally located in Niederrad
Triftstraße, 60528 Frankfurt Niederrad
Serviced Apartment Studio
€ 2,190 / Month
Modern apartment in central location
Große Bockenheimer Straße , 60313 Frankfurt Innenstadt
Furnished apartment 1
€ 2,590 / Month
Furnished apartment in central location
Merianplatz , 60316 Frankfurt Nordend-Ost
Furnished apartment 1
€ 3,600 / Month
Luxury 2-bedroom apartment with stunning View Frankfurt Grand Tower
Europa-Allee, 60327 Frankfurt Innenstadt
Furnished apartment 2
€ 3,700 / Month
Luxury 2-bedroom apartment Grand Tower 8th floor
Europa-Allee, 60327 Frankfurt Innenstadt
Furnished apartment 2
€ 4,200 / Month
Luxury 2-bedroom apartment Grand Tower 18th floor
Europa-Allee 2, 60327 Frankfurt Innenstadt
Furnished apartment 2
€ 3,200 / Month
Luxury 1-bedroom apartment with stunnning View, Grand Tower Frankfurt, 35th floor
Europa-Allee 2, 60327 Frankfurt Innenstadt
Furnished apartment 1
€ 2,000 / Month
LIBERTINEs Maisonette
Frankensteinerstraße , 60594 Frankfurt Sachsenhausen
Serviced Apartment 1

The Top Furnished Luxury Apartments in Frankfurt, Curated by FARAWAYHOME

Furnished Luxury Apartments are ideal for executives with extended business in Germany, senior diplomats on assignment, and expats looking for the very best housing in Frankfurt. FARAWAYHOME has carefully curated the very best furnished luxury apartments in Frankfurt, all conveniently located in or near business districts, stylishly furnished, and with premium features. Simply choose the Frankfurt district that is most desirable according to your tastes and view the most beautiful apartments available in that district.


Move-in Ready Luxury Apartments With Premium Features

With a furnished luxury apartment, all you’ll need to do is pack your bags! Our fully furnished, luxury accommodations come equipped with everything you need for your time in Frankfurt: furniture, dishware, linens, and even tasteful decor. FARAWAYHOME’s luxury apartments include top-of-the-line kitchen appliances and deluxe features like stone countertops, premium tile, and oversized windows. Relocating or staying in Germany has never been easier or more beautiful- no need to find, buy, or build new furnishings.

FARAWAYHOME’s luxury furnished apartments also come with modern lifestyle essentials like fast wifi, large high-end televisions, chef-quality appliances for cooking, in-unit washing machines, and craft coffee or espresso machines. An extended stay will be more pleasant with the very best furnishing and features, all included in our luxury apartments

FARAWAYHOME’s luxury apartments are located in beautiful residential buildings with a doorman or concierge to further accommodate your needs. With a fully furnished apartment, your new home will be ready for you and your family right away for a completely stress-free relocation, stay, or permanent move.


Apartment Locations In The Best Frankfurt Districts

Frankfurt is Germany’s major financial hub, located on a river, Main. Frankfurt is filled with visitors and expats, it’s an incredible diverse city with a vibrant, global community. Each Frankfurt district has distinct features to offer, and the housing experts at FARAWAYHOME can help you find the right apartment in the right neighborhood that precisely meets your needs.  All of FARAWAYHOME’s furnished luxury apartments are located in prime locations. You may choose to be near your work or business centers, entertainment, historic landmarks, one of the many renowned cultural attractions of Frankfurt, or near beautiful parks. The southern part of the city contains the Frankfurt City Forest, Germany's largest city forest

The Innenstadt district is center of business in Frankfurt. The Innenstadt district contains the most important banks and financial institutions as well as the biggest shopping centers. A furnished luxury apartment in this district will put you within a short walk of the largest pedestrian shopping street in Germany, Freßgass. This commercial center has excellent restaurants and many high-end shops. 

The Sachsenhausen district has abundant culture and art offerings. This district houses Europe’s best museums, in addition to numerous popular bars and cafes.It has historic charm with cobbled streets, winding alleyways, and pleasant open air eateries. Apartments in this district would put Frankfurt’s best culture and nightlife close at hand. 

The Nordend district is ideal for executives or diplomats with families. It contains quaint residentials areas and the best schools in Frankfurt. There are also many family-friendly entertainment options for the weekend. This distinct is often described as having a “small town” feel with a close-knit community. Here you’ll make many friends during your family’s stay in Frankfurt.

The Westend district is held in high esteem with many stately apartment complexes. The Westend district is filled with quiet, picturesque residential areas. This district is preferred by Frankfurt’s financial executives and professionals. Westend contains many stylish restaurants and beautiful parks as well.

The Bornheim district has abundant options for enjoying Frankfurt’s best food and drink, with the highest concentration of the top-rated cultural institutions. This district’s primary commercial avenue, Berger Strauss, is filled with restaurants, bars, clubs, and small cafes. Outdoor seating is common along the avenue sidewalks, and locals enjoying a slow meal in the warm months. The Bornheim district also boasts beautiful residential streets and parks.


Find the Right Apartment or Flat To Fit Your Needs 

FARAWAYHOME’s listings include apartments for every situation- from stylishly furnished apartments in the top Frankfurt districts to impressive corporate apartments for distinguished diplomats or executives and their families. FARAWAYHOME’s large listing of fully serviced apartments will make your search for Frankfurt accommodations easy!

Leverage our extensive knowledge of Frankfurt to find you the ideal short-term or long-term housing option for your needs. All our furnished luxury apartments apartments are conveniently located within the top districts, stylishly furnished, and offer premium amenities. 

FARAWAYHOME offers luxury apartments with short-term, long-term, and traditional leases.  Short-term leases are ideal for businesses with a series of business meetings, and long-term leases are best for businesses with long-term or on-going work with German companies or government.

Diplomats may need a short or long-term lease based on the length of their assignment in Frankfurt.


The Process for Renting A Furnished Luxury Apartment In Frankfurt

Step One: Approval. One you select your luxury apartment, you’ll need to be approved by the apartment owner. They will need to review your last 3 income statements and your Passport. Approval will go more smoothly if you provide the apartment owner with a “Schufa Auskunft”, or a letter from your most recent landlord. FARAWAYHOME also recommends securing German liability insurance (called  “Haftpflichtversicherung”).

Step Two: Rental Agreement. You will likely receive the luxury apartment rental agreement in German. FARAWAYHOME will happily provide you with a translation, though we also recommend having aGerman lawyer review your agreement. 

Step Three: Apartment Deposit. After signing the rental agreement, you will need to transfer the first month rent and a deposit equal to 2 month’s rent to their bank via wire transfer. In Germany, it is illegal to ask for more than the value of 3 months rent up front.

Step Four: Move In. The apartment owner should draft a hand-over protocol that details the exact address of the apartment, floor, square footage, number of keys, and the name of the person handing over the apartment. Take detailed notes and document the state of the apartment, including art, furnishing, windows, walls, counters, and other features. Taking photos is recommended. Within 2 weeks of your move in, the apartment owner or landlord will provide you with a "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung", or a confirmation of their agreement to rent you their apartment.

Step Five: Registering. After moving in, you will need to register at the citizen’s office of the City within 2 weeks. You will need your D Card or Passport, the rental agreement and the "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung". You will also need a residence permit (“Aufenthaltstitel”) allowing you to stay longer than 3 months.


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