Furnished Apartments London

Rent hand-picked and verified furnished Apartments for in London, England

From € 155 / Night
Emerson Court Serviced Apartment, London
London Central London
Serviced Apartment 1
€ 5,100 / Month
Dance Square Serviced Apartment, London
London Central London
Serviced Apartment 1
€ 5,500 / Month
Discovery Dock Serviced Apartment, London
London Canary Wharf
Serviced Apartment 1
€ 157 / Night
Sir John Lyon House One Bed Apartment, London
London Central London
Serviced Apartment 1
€ 7,000 / Month
Avant Garde Two Bedroom Serviced Apartment, London
London Shoreditch
Serviced Apartment 2
€ 155 / Night
Lawrence House Serviced Apartment, London
London Central London
Serviced Apartment 1
€ 155 / Night
Chancery Lane One Bedroom Serviced Apartment, London
London Central London
Serviced Apartment 1
€ 6,000 / Month
Avant Garde One Bed Serviced Apartment, London
London Shoreditch
Serviced Apartment 1
€ 4,700 / Month
Hounslow One Bed Serviced Apartment, London
London Central London
Serviced Apartment 1
€ 4,500 / Month
Hounslow Studio Serviced Apartment
London Central London
Serviced Apartment Studio
€ 5,200 / Month
Lexicon One Bedroom Apartment, London
London Central London
Serviced Apartment 1
€ 140 / Night
Saffron Hill One Bed Apartment, London
London Central London
Serviced Apartment 1

Modern and Fully Furnished Apartments in London

Our goal at Farawayhome is to provide you with furnished apartments in London which are beautifully-designed and functionally ready for you to move right in today. You need to be careful online: plenty of sites show pictures of stunning apartments with beautiful furniture and amenities, but in the small print are actually unfurnished.

London is a crazy and amazing city, but you don’t want to be forking out thousands of pounds on furniture, technology, linen, and kitchen equipment for a temporary stay. Our furnished apartments for rent in London, England, will make you feel at home within seconds—and we have apartments in every corner of the city! 


How to Find Furnished Apartments in London?

At Farawayhome, we have exclusive agreements with landlords all over London, from super-central locations like Shoreditch, Aldgate, and Canary Wharf to the city’s many surrounding boroughs. You can search our entire database of furnished London apartments (updated daily) right on this page, using useful filters like:

  • District
  • Move-in and move-out dates
  • Number of occupants
  • Number of rooms
  • Monthly cost

As well eliminating apartments missing any crucial amenities:

  • Balcony or terrace
  • Elevator
  • Air conditioning
  • Barrier-free
  • Garden
  • Spa or fitness facilities
  • Rules on pets

Once you find a few apartments like, it’s easy to arrange a viewing. If your mind’s already made up, you can request to book immediately online. There’s an interactive map showing exactly where each apartment is in the city, any non-negotiable house rules, and full lists of included amenities you might not have considered. And of course, for every listing we provide a detailed rundown of local tourist hot spots, sights & attractions, public transport options, and more.


Where to Rent Furnished Apartments in London?

While that’s a decision only you can make, the good news is you’re not short of choice. Our apartments are situated all across the city, from the far west of Notting Hill to Canary Wharf and dozens of locations in-between. The more central or prestigious the location (areas like Knightsbridge are the crème of both) the more pricey apartments can be.

However, in these super-central locations you’re paying for what lies outside your four walls, not just what’s within them. Southwark, Canary Wharf, Aldgate, and Shoreditch are all popular city locations. Use this page to find London furnished apartments for rent.

Always consider your transport options

It’s tempting to find an apartment right next to work or school—but remember you can travel the entire breadth of London easily using public transport. Take some time to consider which amenities mean most to you, and what areas will best cater to your life outside of work. We guarantee that once you’ve found your ideal apartment, you’ll have awesome transport links to wherever else you need to go.


How Much Do Furnished Apartments Cost in London?

Furnished apartments in central London will usually cost in the thousands of pounds (or euros) per month, but there are many factors to consider:

  • Apartment size, age, and interior design
  • The surrounding area
  • Transport links
  • General amenities
  • Stay duration

But every apartment is different. Short-stay furnished apartments in London will tend to cost more (since long-term contracts are more stable) so that’s something to consider. Take a look through our listings to get an idea of price, value for money, and how much modern furnished apartments in London generally cost.


What Do Fully Furnished Apartments Include in London?

For us, fully furnished apartments for rent in London mean apartments that are ready to be lived in now.

Many of our apartments also come with a complimentary cleaning service each week, concierge, superfast wifi, and occasionally in-building gyms and fitness facilities. While you’ll have plenty of storage space, we also provide all your kitchen essentials (crockery, cutlery, pans, and appliances) and much more.

You’ll always put your own stamp on new short term furnished apartments in London, but with Farawayhome, everything you need to start enjoying life in the city is ready & waiting for you.

1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments

Our accommodation ranges from furnished studio apartments in London to large, spacious multi-room homes. One bedroom furnished flats in London are extremely popular, especially among professionals who need their own space and don’t want roommates or prolonged journeys for commuter towns.


Use our platform to see what’s available and remember that we refresh our listings every day. If you’re not rushing into an apartment, make sure to check back regularly and see if your dream furnished accommodation in London has popped up!