Platform for renting short- mid- and longterm furnished Premium Apartments


FARAWAYHOME is a plattform for renting  furnished Premium Apartments and Serviced Apartments. We are committed to offering you the best- furnished apartments  in the city for temporary accommodation. We always make sure to determine all of your professional and personal requirements, so that we can work together to find your perfect home away from home. Our portfolio consists exclusively of apartments and villas in the luxury segment, which are located in the heart of the city or in the outskirts, where you will find luscious green areas. These homes are available for stays of three months up to a number of years. If your desired property is not currently in our online portfolio, we can offer you more items on request, or simply make use of our extensive network to find your perfect residence.

Given our daily contact with international customers, you can count on our extensive experience with clients from all backgrounds and with the highest of standards. This expertise is one of our most valuable assets in helping you discover a perfect stay.

Expect our thorough consultation and support before, during and after your stay at any time. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Due to our focus on the luxury segment of the market, we are able to offer a wides range of furnished luxury apartments and villas. For reasons of discretion, we also respect the wishes of our associated owners and only reveal details of certain properties upon request. Therefore, please contact us if you wish to receive further suggestions beyond the available online selection.


Fulfilling all your expectations for a furnished mid- and long-term accommodation is our top priority. After a short personal interview, we will immediately search for the particular property that suits your personal and professional situation. Customers of FARAWAYHOME value our consistent attention to discretion.


Every single property we offer is personally picked, professionally photographed and meticulously examined. Since we make sure to maintain a close relationship with the owners, we are well informed about the actual state of the house at any given time. This careful approach allows us to guarantee you the highest quality and safety throughout the renting process and your stay.