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Price (excl. VAT) 800 € 900 € 2.000 € 2.500 €
Flat Search (temporarily)  furnished for short- &  mid-term

or  Flat Search (permanent) unfurnished for long-term Plus 600 € Plus 600 € Plus 500 €

plus Flat Search (permanent) unfurnished for long-term 600 € 600 € 400 €
City Registration

Coordination of Insurances & Social Security Number

Re-Registration in long-term Flat -
Opening a Bank Account - -
Coordination of Internet - -
Coordination of Utilities - -
TAX ID Collection - -

Afterhours Costumer Support (WhatsApp / Telegram)

- - -
Kita Search Consultation up to 4 hours 500 €
School Search Support up to 4 hours 500 €
Kindergeld Application per Family 320 €
Preparing and submitting paperwork for "Blue Card" / work residence permit Individual 800 €
Family of 3 1.150 €
Each addtional child 150 €
Fast track Visa and Residence permit (only for companies) Per person plus 420 €



Flat Search (furnished for short- & mid-term)


Flat Search (unfurnished for long-term)

Expat is offered a maximum temporary (furnished) 8 properties. Coordinating the booking of the Apartment. Coordinating the handover.   Apartment Search. Research of objects, application of the apartment, accompaniment to viewings maximum 8 viewings. Coordinating the documentation. Accompaniment to sign the lease. Bullet point overview in English of lease contract. Accompaniment to handover 
City Registration   Coordination of Insurances & Social Security Number 
The first step to getting started in Berlin Anmeldung / and Ummeldung. Booking & Accompaniment to appointment and filling in required forms.    We connect your Expat employee with the important insurance contacts (public or private depending on choice). Health Insurance, Liability, and Household goods insurance are common in Germany. We coordinate the socials security number. 
Opening a Bank Account    Coordination of Internet
We provide all info on different bank accounts and coordinate an appointment at the bank. We send the IBAN to the HR contact.   We connect your employee with an Expat Internet provide to get internet setup at home.
Coordination of Utilities   TAX ID Collection
We connect your employee with an English-speaking Gas & Electricity broker. We coordinate the German TV Tax, etc.    3 to 5 Days after the city registration Tax Id can be collected with POA.
Afterhours Costumer Support (WhatsApp/Telegram)   Kita Search Consultation
Our premium customers can reach out to us via WhatsApp after hours and we usually answer within 2 hours.    We give a guideline to how to do a Kita search. Provide consultation on how to successfully find a Kita. We apply for the Kita Voucher.
School Search Consulation   Kindergeld Application
If required, we contact private schools, and request pricing/application process. We sign up for local school. Support with getting a Hort voucher.   Application for Kindergeld, guidance on how to submit. Consulting if additional documentation is requested.
Driver’s Licence Conversion   Immigration
If the (non-EU) expat wants to drive in Germany, they must switch their license. We accompany them to the Bürgeramt to begin the switch process and explain the rest of the process to them.   Coordination of Visa and Work and Residence Permit Process – and the same for dependents.