Serviced Apartments Munich

Rent Serviced Apartments in Munich incl. side costs & regular cleaning

€ 1,050 / Month
SMARTments Studio
Munich Schwabing
Serviced Apartment Studio
From € 67 / Night
MARVELOUS Design Studio ca 39qm
Aschheim-Dornach (bei München)
Serviced Apartment 1
From € 67 / Night
MARVELOUS Design Studio ca 29qm
Aschheim-Dornach (bei München)
Serviced Apartment 1
From € 1,740 / Month
COPY - COPY - MARVELOUS Design Studio ca 19qm
Munich Trudering
Serviced Apartment 1
From € 1,440 / Month
COPY - MARVELOUS Design Studio ca 19qm
Munich Trudering
Serviced Apartment 1
€ 2,200 / Month
Munich Giesing
Furnished Apartment 1
Min. € 1,080 / Month
MARVELOUS Design Studio ca 19qm
Munich Trudering
Serviced Apartment 1
Min. € 67 / Night
MARVELOUS Design Studio ca 19qm
Aschheim-Dornach (bei München)
Serviced Apartment 1
From € 245 / Night
Grand Suite 5
Aschheim-Dornach (bei München)
Serviced Apartment 3
From € 302 / Night
Aschheim-Dornach (bei München)
Serviced Apartment 3
From € 199 / Night
Exclusive Suite 4
Aschheim-Dornach (bei München)
Serviced Apartment 2
Min. € 125 / Night
Aschheim-Dornach (bei München)
Serviced Apartment 1

The Short and Long Term Serviced Apartments in Munich 

Being one of the cultural, historical, and business centres of Europe, Munich is an incredibly popular travel destination for both work and leisure. Our serviced apartments in Munich are designed to make your stay here as comfortable, effortless, and enjoyable as possible. 

Whether you’re looking to stay close to work or in a specific neighbourhood, we offer the widest selection of the best serviced apartments in Munich and can guarantee to find your perfect match. 


Why Choose a Serviced Apartment in Munich? 

The thing about serviced apartments is that they grant you more freedom. There is a full-spec kitchen ready and waiting (including oven, fridge, cookware, counter space, and all your utensils) but if you’d rather order room service, that’s easy too. There’s a laundry service and housekeeping to keep things in order, but also a washer dishwasher and washer-dryer if you choose to take care of it yourself. 

Our serviced apartments in Munich, Germany, also offer the latest and greatest in amenities: 

  • One or multiple separate bedrooms
  • Dedicated living space
  • Private bathroom
  • Technology including fast broadband and HD TV.
  • Premium coffee machines
  • All utilities covered.
  • Fitness centre (in some apartments)

And much more that we almost take for granted, like professionally-styled decor and furnishings. 


I’m working temporarily in Munich

If you’re travelling on a budget, we have cheap serviced apartments in Munich which still offer great amenities for your stay. For those bigger wallets - travelling on business, perhaps - we also have luxury serviced apartments in Munich. These will allow you to enjoy the feeling of being at home, not trapped in your hotel. 

I’m relocating to Munich

Staying in serviced apartments in Munich city centre (or one of the neighbouring districts) is a great way to get to know the city before committing to buying or renting long-term. We have up to 3 bedroom serviced apartments in Munich, from luxurious Bogenhausen to entertainment central at Haidhausen, which might suit your taste. 


Tips for staying in Munich

What to See

Munich is a veritable hub of cultural monuments, historical sights, and breathtaking architecture - so it might take a while to see it all! Marienplatz and the English Garden are must-visits, as is the beautiful Nymphenburg Palace and its grounds. There are many tours about the city’s history and the world wars (plus many museums exploring these more deeply) and if you’re arriving in September, then of course be prepared for Oktoberfest! 

Where to Shop

The kilometer-long stretch of Maximilianstrasse is one of Munich’s premier shopping destinations. It is full of luxury brand stores - like Valentino, Gucci, and Montblanc - as well as popular second-hand stores selling used items at attractive prices. Kaufingerstrasse is also good for premium brands, whereas Sendlinger Strasse offers more independent, family-run, and generally lesser-known products. 

How to Travel

Munich has a typically German transport infrastructure: comprehensive, clean, and punctual. There are U-Bahn, S-Bahn, trams, buses, and city bikes if it’s a nice day. Tickets can generally be bought using contactless so getting around is a piece of cake. 


Finding Your Ideal Neighbourhood

Munich is a huge city, and it’s easy to underestimate how far apart two locations actually are. To make sure your serviced apartment is close to your office, amenities, entertainment, or friends’ homes, we recommend doing a little research on the best places to live in Munich. 

Visit this dedicated page for more general information about Munich, including a description of all the main districts and neighbourhoods within the city. 


Questions about Serviced Apartments in Munich

How much do serviced apartments costs in Munich? 

  • When you stay in Munich serviced apartments, the cost all depends on the location and the standard of the apartment. Ours range from small studios out of town to luxurious 3-bed apartments in premium locations. 

How do serviced apartments work in Munich? 

  • We have a dedicated team to provide room service, handle laundry, and perform housekeeping duties. Otherwise it’s just like a normal apartment with beautiful interior design and first-class amenities! 

How many serviced apartments are there in Munich? 

  • Our collection of quality Munich serviced apartments is always on the rise, so it’s hard to give an exact number.