Furnished Apartments Munich

Rent verified and hand-picked furnished Apartments in Munich, Germany

€ 1,050 / Month
SMARTments Studio
Munich Schwabing
Serviced Apartment Studio
From € 67 / Night
MARVELOUS Design Studio ca 39qm
Aschheim-Dornach (bei München)
Serviced Apartment 1
From € 67 / Night
MARVELOUS Design Studio ca 29qm
Aschheim-Dornach (bei München)
Serviced Apartment 1
From € 1,740 / Month
COPY - COPY - MARVELOUS Design Studio ca 19qm
Munich Trudering
Serviced Apartment 1
From € 1,440 / Month
COPY - MARVELOUS Design Studio ca 19qm
Munich Trudering
Serviced Apartment 1
€ 2,200 / Month
Munich Giesing
Furnished Apartment 1
Min. € 67 / Night
MARVELOUS Design Studio ca 19qm
Aschheim-Dornach (bei München)
Serviced Apartment 1
Min. € 1,080 / Month
MARVELOUS Design Studio ca 19qm
Munich Trudering
Serviced Apartment 1
From € 245 / Night
Grand Suite 5
Aschheim-Dornach (bei München)
Serviced Apartment 3
From € 302 / Night
Aschheim-Dornach (bei München)
Serviced Apartment 3
From € 199 / Night
Exclusive Suite 4
Aschheim-Dornach (bei München)
Serviced Apartment 2
Min. € 125 / Night
Aschheim-Dornach (bei München)
Serviced Apartment 1

Furnished Hotel Apartments in Munich

Munich is one of Europe’s leading cities for business, industry, and higher education. This makes it a magnet for travelling professionals and expats fulfilling short, long, or unknown-term work commitments in the city. 

If that sounds like you, then temporary furnished apartments in Munich might be the perfect solution for your accommodation. We have stylish apartments in all the most popular, trendy, and affluent areas of Munich and our platform makes it easy for you to find your perfect match. 

Whether you’re relocating permanently and need somewhere to stay during house searching, or you’re just here on business for an indeterminate amount of time, we’ll help you find the perfect furnished apartments for rent in Munich - the right size and style, in the right neighbourhood, for the right price.


The Benefits of Furnished Apartments in Munich

Furnished apartments for rent in Munich - also known as hotel apartments in Munich - are private homes with amenities over-and-above those available at hotels. For example, many of our apartments offer in-house gyms and fitness suites. 

What sets our furnished apartments in Munich apart from hotels, however, is the amenities that hotels do not provide. Our rental apartments in Munich come with full-spec kitchens (including quality dishware, cooking facilities, and dishwashers), fibre broadband, washing and drying machines, top-end coffee makers and much more. 

From the instant you walk through the door, it won’t feel like just some furnished flat in Munich - it will feel like home


Finding Your Ideal Neighbourhood

Munich is an enormous city and there’s a diverse selection of areas and neighbourhoods for you to choose from. Once you’ve got an idea of the neighbourhoods, you can properly check out some furnished apartments for rent in Munich, Germany, with confidence! 

Neuhausen - spacious apartments and beautiful surroundings 

Neuhausen attracts families and individuals from all walks of life with its stunning architecture, beautiful streets and gardens, and the majestic grounds of the Nymphenburg Palace. Full of amenities like artisan eateries and boutique shops, it’s a delightful little haven. 

Haidhausen - famous for entertainment

Situated right on the bank of the Isar River, Haidhausen is an extremely popular area. Particularly famed for the Strauss Conservatory and the Philharmonic, Haidhausen also boasts bars, clubs, sports facilities, and theatre. With plenty of outdoor space for jogging and leisurely walks, Munich furnished apartments here are highly-desired.  

Maxvorstadt - perfect for sociable and active professionals

Being a premium city centre location, Maxvorstadt is extremely well-connected with shops, bars, museums, and public transport reaching all corners of the city. Hotel apartments in Maxvorstadt are also in high demand, but FARAWAYHOME makes it easy to find the ones that suit you. 

Bogenhausen - Munich’s beautiful old town

Bogenhausen offers stunning and luxurious villa apartments which attract affluent members of Munich’s society. Situated near the world-famous English Garden and the flowing Isar river, Bogenhausen is particularly popular with older professionals, diplomats, and families. 

Altstadt  - the beating heart of historical Munich

Laced with cobbled streets and huge pedestrian-only zones, this is where you’ll find many of Munich’s most noteworthy landmarks. Quite a small neighbourhood, it is also very busy with tourists throughout the year. 

Schwabing - for those who love the outdoors

Home to the enormous and beautiful English Garden, Schwabing is an ideal spot for those who like to escape their apartments to be outdoors. It’s also the place to be for eating and drinking in Munich, with a multitude of independent eateries. 

Glockenbach - a true city centre location

Glockenbach’s proximity to the city centre means residents have universal access to bars, restaurants, clubs, bistros, and just about any eating or drinking establishment you could imagine! The apartments in this area of Munich are also beautiful and quite luxurious. 


Tailor the Duration and Apartment Type to Your Preferences

Here at FARAWAYHOME we offer a broad range of short and long-term apartments in Munich, with leases to suit any personal circumstances. Long-term leases, for example, are ideal for individuals with ongoing business or government partnerships; it means there is always a home available when a company member is on-location. 

In fact, we even provide business apartments in Munich: these stand out due to their total convenience, with guaranteed locations within business districts and exclusive features tailored to corporate workers. For those whose looking to prioritise comfort over proximity to work, our furnished apartments offer countless amenities, including wide open spaces and stunning views. 

Our furnished apartments are also available across the city. These offer the perks of premium hotel stays (such as room service and laundry) but with added privacy and more generous room sizes. For all types of rental apartments in Munich, we can help tailor the lease duration to your personal needs. 


Questions for Renting Apartments in Munich

Where to rent furnished apartments in Munich, Germany?

  • Munich furnished apartments are available in every quarter of the city. Check out our descriptions of the local neighbourhoods (above) and search the listings on this page to find your ideal apartment. 

How expensive are furnished apartments in the center of Munich?

  • Prices range from around €1,500 for a regular one-bedroom apartment, to €6,000+ for our luxurious 3-bed maisonettes in premium locations. 

How easy is it to commute around Munich using public transport? 

  • Munich has both regular trains and an underground, as well as buses and trams. The MMV app makes it easy to plan routes and offers real-time departure and arrival information.

Is Munich a good place for families? 

  • Absolutely. With its abundance of parks, sports facilities (including surfing in the English Garden!) and schools, it offers a vibrant and worldly environment for raising a family.