Corporate Housing Munich

Find Corporate Apartments for temporary housing in Munich, Germany

From € 67 / Night
MARVELOUS Design Studio ca 19qm
Aschheim-Dornach (bei München)
Serviced Apartment 1
From € 840 / Month
MARVELOUS Design Studio ca 19qm
Munich Trudering
Serviced Apartment 1
From € 245 / Night
Grand Suite 5
Aschheim-Dornach (bei München)
Serviced Apartment 3
From € 302 / Night
Aschheim-Dornach (bei München)
Serviced Apartment 3
From € 199 / Night
Exclusive Suite 4
Aschheim-Dornach (bei München)
Serviced Apartment 2
From € 125 / Night
Aschheim-Dornach (bei München)
Serviced Apartment 1
€ 1,200 / Month
Studio Executiv
Munich Maxvorstadt
Furnished Apartment Studio
From € 150 / Night
One-bedroom Apartment close to Munich Hauptbahnhof
Munich Ludwigsvorstadt
Serviced Apartment 1
From € 99 / Night
Studio apartment close to Munich Hauptbahnhof
Munich Ludwigsvorstadt
Serviced Apartment 1
€ 89 / Night
Premium Apartment
Aschheim-Dornach (bei München)
Serviced Apartment Studio
€ 2,720 / Month
Stylish Hideaway in central Munich
Munich Schwanthalerhöhe
Furnished Apartment 1
€ 2,800 / Month
Stylish Hideaway in central Munich
Munich Schwanthalerhöhe
Furnished Apartment 2

Corporate Apartments in Munich

As one of Europe’s most prominent business cities, Munich experiences extensive visits from travelling professionals and expats. While working abroad in a new city can be daunting, our range of corporate apartments in Munich are designed to help you make a natural transition. 

Corporate housing is essentially an apartment that’s tailored towards improving the experience, convenience, and productivity of any work-based trip. Whether you’re a specialist contractor on a new project, or an executive negotiating deals for your firm, we’ve got attractive and comfortable accommodation ready and waiting. 


Munich Corporate Housing - Boosting Productivity + Comfort

Our corporate apartments in Munich are designed to facilitate productivity in every aspect of your day. For example, your apartment will situated close to your work or within easy public transport journey - but we go further. 

Our business apartments in Munich include top-quality amenities with a full inventory. You’ll have a large and fully-equipped kitchen - including cookware, an oven and hob, fridge, and utensils - so you can prepare your own meals. You’ll have fast broadband to stay connected with clients or office from the comfort of home, as well as a full laundry service (if desired) and within some apartments, fitness centres, meeting spaces, and common areas. 

And of course, in each of our corporate apartments in Munich there’s a spacious dedicated workspace. Your apartment will also be fully and tastefully furnished, so you’ll feel comfortable and ready to work from day one. 


Pick Your Premium Location

Munich is such a massive city that there’s no one “area” where business workers all want to stay. More than that, it’s such an entertaining city that, frequently, people prefer to stay nearer social amenities and to travel into work. 

That’s why we offer corporate rentals in Munich all over the city, from beautiful Neuhausen to the more bustling Haidhausen. It’s worth learning more about Munich and its neighbourhoods before making the decision on where to stay. While Neuhausen is full of gorgeous apartments and green space, you might prefer to live in a more central borough like Maxvorstadt: it is a premium city centre location but still borders on the English Garden, striking a good balance between “city centre” and “outdoor” living. 

Those chasing a more sedate pace outside of work might like Bogenhausen, right in Munich’s Old Town. There are stunning apartments here down by the Isar River. Or for those looking to gradually chase down all of Munich’s historical and cultural sites, Altstadt would provide a base of operations right in the heart of it all! 


Questions for Renting Apartments in Munich

How does corporate housing work in Munich? 

  • What sets us apart from a regular hotel or rental apartment isn’t special rules or ways of doing things - it’s simply a more premium, more practical style of business living. From the range of amenities to premium locations, corporate accommodation simply makes it easier for you to maintain your best mindset and produce your best work. 

Who pays for corporate apartments in Munich? 

  • Typically the business or employer will pay for corporate accommodation. Sometimes directly, and other times through reimbursement from a company credit card - it’s worth checking with your employer so you know exactly what to expect. 

What does a corporate housing apartment include in Munich? 

  • Our apartments are designed to cater to every need: all the amenities for both comfort and productivity, comfortable beds, fast Wi-Fi, stunning views, spacious rooms - everything you need for a great stay. 

How easy is it to commute around Munich using public transport? 

  • Pretty easy. Munich has both S-Bahn and U-Bahn trains, as well as bikes, buses, and trams. The MMV app helps you plan your routes with real-time information, though the stations are also staffed by friendly and helpful people if you ever need help.