Corporate Housing in Munich

€ 2,570 / Month
Luxury Suite with terrace
Munich Schwabing
Serviced Apartment Studio
€ 2,480 / Month
Luxury Suite
Munich Schwabing
Serviced Apartment Studio
€ 2,210 / Month
Maxi Suite with terrace
Munich Schwabing
Serviced Apartment Studio
€ 2,150 / Month
Maxi Suite
Munich Schwabing
Serviced Apartment Studio
€ 1,910 / Month
Junior Suite
Munich Schwabing
Serviced Apartment Studio
€ 2,760 / Month
Executive Double Apartment
Munich Moosach
Serviced Apartment Studio
€ 2,140 / Month
Executive Single Apartment
Munich Moosach
Serviced Apartment Studio
€ 1,830 / Month
Business Single Apartment
Munich Moosach
Serviced Apartment Studio
€ 5,000 / Month
Maisonette apartment with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with 115 m²
Munich Sendling-Westpark
Furnished Apartment 3
€ 1,940 / Month
nice apartment in top floor near train station incl. parking space
Munich Sendling-Westpark
Furnished Apartment 1
€ 2,040 / Month
Modern apartment near to train station and Westpark incl. parking space
Munich Sendling-Westpark
Furnished Apartment Studio
€ 2,170 / Month
Modern apartment near to train station and Westpark incl. parking space
Munich Sendling-Westpark
Furnished Apartment Studio

The Top Corporate Apartments in Munich, Curated by FARAWAYHOME

FARAWAYHOME has curated the very best corporate apartments in Munich, Germany. Corporate apartments are more cost-effective than hotels and offer superior amenities.  Many of our corporate apartments are also serviced apartments, highly preferred by executives and distinguished diplots.

Our corporate apartments are ideal for your business’ needs- all conveniently located in or near business districts, stylishly furnished, and offer premium features and privacy.

Move-in Ready Corporate Apartments With Premium Features

With a furnished corporate apartment, you won’t need to stress about your trip to Munich- just pack your bags! FARAWAYHOME’s fully furnished, corporate housing options come equipped with everything you might need: furniture, dishware, linens, and tasteful decor. Executives will prefer corporate housing with top-of-the-line kitchen appliances and premium features including stone countertops, tile backsplashes, and sunny, oversized windows. All superior offerings to a hotel. Once you will arrive, you can get right to business- no need to find or buy new furnishings.

FARAWAYHOME’s corporate apartments all include modern essentials like fast wifi, large high-end televisions, cooking appliances like microwaves, in-unit washing machines, and craft coffee or espresso machines. Your extended stay for business will be more pleasant with the very best furnishing and features, much more comfortable than a hotel.

Corporate Housing is the best choice for your Business

Whether you are coming to Munich for several meetings, opening a Munich office, or are embarking on a long-term business partnership with a local company, corporate housing is the best choice for your business.

Corporate apartments are more cost-efficient than a hotel. If you’re business trip is longer than 4 nights, your overall housing costs will be considerably lower with a corporate apartment, compared to a hotel. Corporate housing also offers more square footage per dollar and more comfortable accommodations. All of FARAWAYHOME’s corporate apartments are stylishly decorated.

Our Corporate apartment rental costs are stable and predictable, hotel prices can dramatically fluctuate due to events or season.

Superior Features. Corporate apartments offer larger living and sleeping areas than hotel rooms and often come with superior offerings like gyms, meeting spaces, and other common areas. The common areas of corporate serviced apartments have higher quality features compared to hotels- premium furnishings and more gym equipment. Many corporate apartments also offer executives private rooftop decks, pool tables and fireplaces.

Greater privacy. Corporate housing provides employees and diplomats more privacy than hotels. an Our accommodations offer an upscale, residential setting- a much more desirable setting than bustling and hotels.  All apartment building common areas, including gyms and meeting rooms, also offer more privacy than comparable common areas of hotels.

Save on Meals. With a corporate apartment, your executive will have the ability to cook their meals, avoiding the cost of 3 premium restaurant meals per day. In truth, executives prefer the ability to alternate between healthier home cooked meals and client dinners. Many executives prefer to host dinners or gatherings for clients.

A better experience. Corporate apartments offer a superior experience for executives, as give them comforts of home. Our furnished apartments for executives come fully equipped with household furnishings and pleasing decor. Select the perfect apartment with the appropriate style of furnishings, or leverage FARAWAYHOME housing experts to find the accommodation that best suits your executive’s needs and tastes.

Apartment Locations In The Best Munich Districts

When you take a break from work, you will be able to enjoy the many delightful offerings of Munich. Select the corporate apartment in the district that suits your entertainment preferences. All of FARAWAYHOME’s corporate apartments are in popular and districts convenient to major business or government centers. You can choose to be close to work, entertainment, parks, bars, museums, historic landmarks, or other top cultural attractions in Munich.

Below are a few of the best districts in Munich for you to choose from:

Maxvorstadt. The Maxvorstadt district is the cultural heart of Munich. It’s contains many of the city’s 80 museums and three Pinakothek art museums. In the warm months, you can enjoy concerts and outdoor movies at Königsplatz park.

Schwabing. This is Munich's most avant-garde, artist district with a diverse range of bars, famous gourmet eateries and unique independent boutiques. Schwabing also contains the famous Englische Garten, a large park at the center of Munich.

Haidhausen. The Haidhausen district is famous for its renowned classical music offerings, home of the famous Strauss Conservatory and the Philharmonic. Haidhausen also houses Paulaner Brauerei, one of the largest breweries in Munich.

Glockenbach. This district has a little bit of everything, riverside walks, proximity to the city center, ample bars, clubs and bistros, and picturesque streets and parks, including the popular sunny park Café Sax’s terrace. This district offers many beautiful, luxurious apartment buildings as well.

Neuhausen. The Neuhausen district is filled with wide, tree-lined roads and beautiful apartments, making it very family-friendly and quiet. Yet you and your family won’t lack of activities, there is a great restaurant on every corner and this district is filled with fun, quirky coffee shops.

Altstadt. This district is Munich’s historic old town, with medieval squares, cobbled streets and many pedestrianised zones. Altstadt also is home to some of the most recognisable landmarks in Munich. Housing in this district will have ample old world charm.

Find the Right Corporate Apartment To Fit Your Business’ Needs 

All our corporate apartments are conveniently located in or near business districts, stylishly furnished, and offer premium amenities. FARAWAYHOME has the very best corporate housing options for executives.

FARAWAYHOME has apartments with short-term, long-term, and traditional leases. Short-term leases are ideal for businesses with extended business meetings, while long-term leases are best for businesses with ongoing collaborations with German companies or government. Diplomats can select the appropriate lease duration based on the duration of their assignment.

FARAWAYHOME’s listings include apartments for every situation- from stylishly furnished apartments in the best Munich districts to stately luxury apartments for distinguished diplomats or executives and their families. FARAWAYHOME’s fully serviced apartment options will make an extended stay for business dealings stress-free and enjoyable.

The Process for Renting A Corporate Apartment In Munich

First  you will need copies of your last 3 income statements and your ID or Passport. You should also obtain “Schufa Auskunft”, or a letter from your current  or most recent landlord. 

Next, you will receive a corporate apartment rental agreement in German. While FARAWAYHOME can provide a translation, we also recommend working with a German lawyer to review the agreement. 

After approval, you will likely be asked to pay the first month rent and a deposit of 2 month’s rent via wire transfer to their bank. Per German law, an apartment owner or landlord may not ask for more than the value of 3 months rent up front.

Then, move in. Before settling in, have the apartment owner give you a protocol detailing the exact address, floor, square footage, number of keys, and the name of the person handing over the apartment. Then, take detailed notes about the state of the apartment, including all decor, furniture, walls, windows, and other features. We recommend taking photos. Make sure the apartment owner or landlord provides you with a "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung", or confirmation of their agreement to rent you their apartment, within 2 weeks of the move in.

Finally, register. After moving in, you will have 2 weeks by law to register at the citizen’s office of the City. Bring your ID Card / Passport, the rental agreement and the "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung", or confirmation of your rental arrangement. You will also need a residence permit (“Aufenthaltstitel”) allowing you to stay longer than 3 months.