What is a Furnished Luxury Apartment?

Furnished Luxury Apartments Carefully Curated By FARAWAYHOME

Review the very best furnished luxury apartments in Germany, carefully curated by FARAWAYHOME. FARAWAYHOME’s listings of luxury flats are all verified, of the utmost quality, and fully verified. Furnished Luxury Apartments are ideal for corporate executives with extended business in Germany, senior diplomats, and expats looking for premium housing in Germany.

Choose your preferred accommodations from the very best, fully furnished apartments and flats Germany has to offer.

A furnished apartment is much preferable to an extended hotel stay and offers increased privacy. Often, a furnished luxury apartment is more cost-effective than an extended stay in a luxury hotel. Whether you’re an expat, corporate employee, diplomat, or looking for permanent housing for you and your family, FARAWAYHOME has the perfect apartment.

Move-in Ready, Fully Furnished Accommodations

 Finding temporary or short-term accommodations or a new apartment is easy with FARAWAYHOME’s flat listings. Our furnished luxury apartments come equipped with everything you may need: furniture, dishware, linens, and even tasteful decor. FARAWAYHOME’s luxury apartments come with top-of-the-line, premium appliances and features- including stone countertops, deluxe tile, and sweeping views from oversized windows. Relocating or staying in Germany has never been easier- our fully furnished, luxury apartments are move-in ready from the very first moment you arrive. You need only to pack a suitcase of clothes.

FARAWAYHOME’s luxury furnished apartments also come with many modern lifestyle essentials: fast wifi, high-end televisions, premium home appliances for cooking, in-unit washing machines, and deluxe coffee or espresso machines. An extended stay will be more pleasant with a fully furnished luxury apartment with all the bells and whistles.

Many of our apartments are in residential buildings with a doorman or concierge to further accommodate your needs.

Short-term, Long-term, and Traditional Lease Options

No matter your housing or accommodation need, FARAWAYHOME has the ideal furnished apartment lease. From short-term leases for extended business stays to long-term leases for one or two-year deployments or assignments- we’ve got many options in Germany’s business or government centers.

FARAWAYHOME can also help you find your new perfect home in Germany with traditional lease options for furnished luxury apartments in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, and Hamburg.

Short-term housing is ideal for employees traveling to Berlin for extended business trips. New expats and diplomats can also leverage short-term corporating housing as a way to settle into a new country while they find for a larger home to purchase. Short-term leases are typically three to 12 months in duration.

Long-term apartment leases are best suited for executives or companies with regular business in Berlin, or diplomats on assignment. Long-term leases are usually for several years. Rest assured that your business will always have accommodations available as soon as a need arises.

Traditional leases are ideal for anyone looking for a fully furnished apartment in a desirable German city for 12 or 24 months.

Apartment Locations For Every Preference

From popular neighborhoods to different cities in Germany and beyond, FARAWAYHOME has furnished luxury apartments for every preference.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy Germany’s cultural offerings or for a suitable neighborhood for your family, we’ll help your find the perfect apartment. We have selected the best furnished luxury apartments near hotspots, business centers, top-rated schools, renowned universities, cultural sites, and scenic parks.

FARAWAYHOME has carefully selected a variety of apartments and flats in trendy districts, government centers, charming and quiet suburbs, regal historic districts, and more. We have found the very best furnished luxury apartments in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, and Hamburg as well as in London and San Francisco.

Find the Right Apartment or Flat To Fit Your Needs 

FARAWAYHOME’s listings include apartments for every budget- from convenient serviced apartments to comfortable furnished apartments for long-term stays to luxurious accommodations for distinguished diplomats or executives and their families. FARAWAYHOME’s corporate housing options make extended stays for business more enjoyable and successful.

The Process for Renting A Furnished Luxury Apartment from FARAWAYHOME

FARAWAYHOME housing experts can help you find the perfect luxury apartment for your situation. We have ideal arrangements for singles, couples, and families. After a personal interview, FARAWAYHOME will identify several mid- or long-term properties that suit your exact personal and professional situation. FARAWAYHOME will continue to provide support even after the rental has been secured, offering on-demand assistance if ever needed.

First, select the perfect furnished luxury apartment in the district or neighborhood of your choice. To rent the unit, you will most likely need copies of your last 3 income statements as well as an ID or Passport. We recommend obtaining a letter from your most recent landlord and securing liability insurance as well.

You will likely receive a rental agreement, or lease, in German. Get assistance from a local friend or hire a translator or lawyer to review the agreement.

It is standard for luxury arrangements to requirement the payment of the first month rent and a refundable deposit equal to two months rent. In Germany, asking for the value of three months rent upfront is the legal limit of advance payment, so do not pay more than that. You will likely need to wire these funds to the apartment owner.

When agreeing to the details of moving into of the furnished apartment, be sure to capture every detail in writing, and to document the move-in state of your apartment. We recommend taking high-quality pictures of the apartment’s details and any damages to the walls, furniture, house inventory, or floors. Ensure you have an agreement of how keys will be transferred and how many keys you need. 

Your move-in instructions should detail the exact address of the apartment, floor, square footage, number of rooms, and the name of the person handing-over the apartment. This person should also sign your move-in agreement.

At the end of the move-in and apartment hand off, you should make a copy of the move-in agreement, one for you and the other for the contractor.

Finally, after you have settled in, you’ll have two weeks to register with the German government.  To do this, you should bring your ID or Passport, the rental agreement and a signed agreement from the actual owner of the apartment.

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