You're interested in letting your furnished Apartment? Here are the most asked questions & answers:

FAQ Tenants - Frequently asked questions

1. General questions


On FARAWAYHOME you will find verified furnished Flats and Services Apartments in the premium & luxury segment for temporary housing in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg an London. We have made it our task to keep the search for the perfect temporary home as simple and secure as possible for you.

All apartments have been carefully selected by us and were authentically photographed in order to guarantee the high quality of our housing portfolio. We are your personal contact person and are always at your disposal for your questions.

Do I have to pay a commission to FARAWAYHOME?

No. The service is completely free of charge for you as a tenant – as a tenant, you do not have to pay a commission or the like. You simply pay the specified monthly rental to the landlord.

Which steps have to be taken if I would like to rent an apartment?

1. Look for a suitable apartment via FARAWAYHOME

2. Ask questions about the apartment by using the „rental inquiry“ button

3. Confirm the business e-mail address

4. Upload proofs of income and an identity document after the landlord has confirmed the availability

5. Sign a legally checked rental contract

6. Transfer the first rent and deposit 

7. Receive the key and move in

Do the rentals include all ancillary costs? Will there be additional costs for me?

Yes the specified rentals include all ancillary costs (among others, electricity, water, heating, internet, etc.), in order to keep the payment and processing as simple and predictable as possible for you as a tenant.

The only binding additional costs result from the final cleaning after your departure. This depends on the condition in which you leave the flat, which is why this is fair invoiced due to the effort.

Of course, you can also book a parking space (if available), a regular cleaning, or other extra chargeable services.

What is the minimum rental period for apartments?

FARAWAYHOME does not mediate holiday flats, but rather furnished flats on a temporary basis and Serviced Apartment.

For the most Furnished Flats the minimum rental period is 3 months. However, there are also Apartments you can start renting from 1 Night to several months. In most cases these are so-called "Serviced Apartments". 

You will find the information about the minimum rental period of an apartment on the respective details page of the flat.

Our tip: Search directly for you desired rental period and you will only receive search results of which their minimum rental period matches your rental period.

Do I have to create an account to rent a flat?

No. You do not have to create an account to rent an apartment.

You just have to send an inquiry via the website and then confirm / verify your employer via your business e-mail address. After that your inquiry will be forwarded to the landlord and checked.

2. Why should I rent with FARAWAYHOME?

What advantages do I have with a rental via FARAWAYHOME?

You automatically benefit from the experience and competence of the Berlin market leader for furnished luxury and premium flats.

There are numerous reasons why you should decide on the rental of a furnished flat with FARAWAYHOME. Here we have put together the most important points for you:

1. Maximum safety is guaranteed by exclusively providing verified apartments

2. Each Apartment has been photographed by a professional photograph, in order to give you the most authentic and honest impression possible
3. You can conveniently rent apartments online without having been on site before 

4. There is an optional possibility to view the apartment in advance

5. Legally checked and fair rental contracts

6. Competent personal contact partner
7. Largest selection of furnished luxury and premium apartments in Berlin

If you have further questions about FARAWAYHOME you can, of course, contact us at any time. You can either send us an e-mail to or call us on +49 30 120 640 86.

3. Finding a furnished flat

How do I find the suitable furnished flat?

It is very simple to find a suitable furnished flat for a temporary period of time via FARAWAYHOME. 

You can easily and quickly find your suitable flat in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg and London on our homepage by using the search function:

You can select different districts, your desired moving in and moving out date and define the number of desired bedrooms. After clicking “SEARCH” you can additionally use further filters such as square meters, number of rooms in total, equipment features and rent.

You can select according to which criteria (price ascending/descending, availability, new ones first) you want the displayed apartments sorted via the sorting function „sort by“.

But you also have the possibility to use all necessary filters directly in the overview of all flats:

Can't find a suitable apartment on FARAWAYHOME? Be welcome to contact us for an individual support.
You can either send us an e-mail to or call us on +49 30 120 640 86.

 Is there a possibility of receiving a notification about new apartments?

Yes. Communicate your search criteria via the „receiving of e-mails with new apartments “button and you will be informed conveniently via e-mail about new suitable apartments in the future.

You can cancel these notifications at any time or change the given criteria via the relevant links in the e-mail.

Can I see apartment Exposés once more later on?

Yes, that is possible at any time. On the one hand you have the possibility to send individual apartments to your own or to a friend’s e-mail address. To do this, please click the „recommend apartment“ button in the details page of an apartment.

On the other hand you can find each apartment at a later time due to its object number (you will find this under „profile“ in the details page of the respective flat) via the object number search at the beginning of each page.

Alternatively, you can also download, print, or forward an exposé of each apartment. For this, please press the “download exposé” button in the details page of an apartment.

4. How to book an accomodation

How do I make an inquiry for renting an apartment?

You can send an inquiry for rental to the respective landlord via the „Request to book“ button on each details page of an apartment.
After that you will receive an e-mail for the one-time verification of your employer. As soon as you have confirmed this your inquiry will be forwarded to the landlord. This is a one-time verification and you can make inquiries about other apartments afterwards without a further verification.

If the landlord accepts your inquiry, you will receive an e-mail asking you to upload all necessary documents that are needed for the preparation of the rental contract.

If the landlord should reject your inquiry, you will receive an e-mail with other suitable and available apartments.

How do I make an inquiry for viewing the apartment?

You can conveniently make an inquiry for viewing online via the „Schedule a viewing“ button on the details page of an apartment.

I have viewed an apartment and would now like to rent it. What do I have to do?

After your viewing you will receive an e-mail asking you for feedback about the viewed apartment.
You then have the possibility to decide whether or not to rent the viewed apartment.
If you decide on the rental, you will receive an e-mail with all further steps after clicking “rent apartment”.

 How does the hand-over of keys and the moving in work?

The date of the hand-over of keys is normally the date of the contractually defined rental start. You will individually come to an agreement with the landlord about the exact time of the hand-over of the keys.

The landlord normally prepares a handover protocol when handing over the flat and the keys, which is signed by the landlord and the tenant. This serves as security for both sides, in order to record the existing inventory and the condition of the flat.

What documents are required for the rental?

We require the following papers / documents for the validation of your credit rating and to verify your identity:

1. A photo / scan of your ID card or passport (front & back side)

2. Your last 3 proofs of income or a comparable proof of creditworthiness (e.g. a bank confirmation or a certification by your tax consultant, employment contract or similar)

5. During the rental period

Who can I turn to if I have questions during the rental period?

The landlord is normally your direct contact partner for questions regarding the flat itself, its decoration, etc.
You will find the contact data of the landlord in the rental contract.

FARAWAYHOME is gladly at your disposal for questions around the contract, possible rental extensions and for general questions. You can either send us an e-mail to or call us on +49 30 120 640 86.

What do I have to do if items in the flat break or are damaged during the rental period?

We are aware that items can be damaged even with great care. If objects in the flat are damaged through your fault, please document these damages and send them to the landlord and additionally to FARAWAYHOME.

As FARAWAYHOME insists on liability insurance for all tenants, a lot is covered by this insurance. However, if this should not be the case, the costs for the repair / new purchase (upon consultation and agreement with you) will normally be deducted from the deposit.

 How can I extend the rental period for my rented flat?

2 months before your contractually agreed move-out date you will receive an e-mail asking you whether you would like to extend the rental or not.

If you already know beforehand that you would like to extend the rental, please contact FARAWAYHOME as soon as possible. You can either send us an e-mail to or call us on +49 30 120 640 86.

6. Deposit and bill

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, the deposit is a financial security for the landlord and normally amounts to 1, 2, or 3 monthly rents.
The respective deposit amount will be displayed on the details page of an apartment.
After the rental the deposit is returned to your account (less costs for any damages incurred) within 6 weeks. 

When do I have to pay the deposit and when will it be paid back to me?

The deposit and the first monthly rent become due after signing the contract and before moving in.
The deposit must be paid to the landlord’s account before you receive the keys to the flat.
After the rental period ends, the deposit is returned to your account within 6 weeks (less costs for any damages incurred).

Can I receive an invoice for my booking?

The apartments on FARAWAYHOME are not commercial holiday flats, but rather furnished flats that can be rented starting from 1 respectively 3 month(s).

The rental contract includes all due costs and information and therefore already serves as “invoice” for you as a tenant for your documents or your employer.

The Objects declared as "Serviced Apartments" provide an Invoice.

7. Safety

What should I do if a landlord asks me to enter into a contract beyond the FARAWAYHOME system?

We attach the greatest importance to all persons who would like to rent or rent out an apartment via FARAWAYHOME.

If you enter into a tenancy beyond FARAWAYHOME, we cannot offer you our range of services and the associated security. We expressly warn against paying money to a presumed landlord without a rental contract checked by FARAWAYHOME.

Contacting, exchange of information, communication and payment should always be made via our system or the employees of FARAWAYHOME for your own security.
 Particularly money transfers via services such as „Western Union“ or „Money Gram“ are often used by fraudsters.

If anyone should ask you to enter into a contract or to make a payment under exclusion of FARAWAYHOME, please contact us immediately. You can either send us an e-mail to or call us on +49 30 120 640 86.

Which payment methods are available?

To guarantee maximum security for both sides, you as a tenant transfer the rent to the landlord monthly. You will receive the account data of the landlord together with the rental contract. 

What makes FARAWAYHOME secure?

1. Maximum security is guaranteed for the tenants due to exclusively verified apartments
2. We have sufficient personal data of all verified landlords for a legal identification
3. Each single apartment has been photographed and filmed by a professional photograph, in order to give you the most authentic and honest impression possible
4. We provide both sides with a fair, legally checked rental contract
5. Competent personal contact partner with years of experience

Our high security standards lead to the fact that FARAWAYHOME is so far 100% free of fraud. We maintain this and work on making FARAWAYHOME even more secure every day.