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Berlin Rummelsburg is located right beside the Spree and has a same-named bay.

It is characterized by premium housing in a former industrial quarter. Still to this day, the atmosphere of the past is being obtained and creates a unique experience for every visitor. During your stay in Rummelsburg you can enjoy the perfect mixture of old industrial heritage and modern buildings.

Its excellent infrastructure makes Rummelsburg an oasis with great transport connection to the city center. Within minutes, you will leave the rush of the big city behind and plunge into an atmosphere without rival.

Countless green spaces and parks, especially among the spree bay, make for a point of relaxation, as well as sportive activity. Whether you would like to enjoy a picnic in the park or a cocktail in the sand at the bay - Rummelsburg will provide for cozy hours.

Cultural activities with historical character complete the image of Berlin Rummelsburg.

In between well obtained industrial and impressive modern buildings, you can enjoy Rummelsburg with all of features during your stay in one of our furnished apartments.


An important sight in this small district is the memorial site Berlin-Rummelsburg. In the historical former workhouse and East-Berlin prison presents an exhibition as well as history of the prison and the biography of 18 inmates. Directly at the Spree inlet in Rummelsburg you can find the venue Kraftwerk Rummelsburg. The power plant is regarded as a symbol for industrial construction culture and is still very much in its original condition.

The adjacent part of the river Spree embankment was extensively rebuilt and today is also a popular place for events and parties. Regularly open-air concerts and festivals bring people from other districts to Rummelsburg.

Casa Di Legno offers a range of pizza, pasta and selected number of wines which is also located here. In the midst of Berlin you can enjoy this Italian ambience in open air and a view across the river Spree ensuring for a perfect end to the day.


During your stay in our apartments in Berlin Rummelsburg you will find green spaces and parks throughout the district. One of them is the park at Rummelsburger Bucht. This large forest area situated directed at the banks of the river Spree is not far from our apartments and invites visitors to linger. Whether you opt for a relaxing stroll or fancy to try out one of the installed pieces of fitness equipment this park is worth spending some time in.

The Medaillonplatz is also a great place to go for a walk or enjoy picnic. With its generous lawn areas, paths and sculpture like benches the Medaillonplatz is the perfect place to relax.

Next to the Rummelsburger Bucht as a place to bathe on hot summer days directly in Rummelsburg there is also the swimming pool Sewanstraße. A 25 meter large pool with integrated diving pool and dry sauna provide for a relaxing swimming pool visit.

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