Furnished Luxury Apartments Berlin

Rent hand-picked furnished Luxury Apartments and Flats in Berlin

€ 2,500 / Month
241 | Cozy, bright apartment in Prenzlauerberg
Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
Furnished Apartment 1
€ 2,980 / Month
Close to the river Spree, PENTHOUSE 360 Terrace
Berlin Friedrichshain
Furnished Apartment 1
€ 3,800 / Month
House with garden in Charlottenburg
Berlin Charlottenburg / Wilmersdorf
Furnished house 4
€ 4,900 / Month
Beautiful modern appartment with large Roof-Terrasse in Prenzlauer Berg
Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
Furnished Apartment 3
€ 250 / Night
130sqm & 2 Bedroom Luxury Apartment in Mitte with a Secret Park
Berlin Mitte
Furnished Apartment 2
€ 250 / Night
Luxurious, Spacious apartment with great Park View in Mitte
Berlin Mitte
Furnished Apartment 1
From € 8,380 / Month
Eberswalder.35 exclusive Penthouse in Prenzlauer Berg
Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
Furnished Apartment 2
€ 3,370 / Month
Sapphire.95 sophisticatedly furnished Apartment with high-quality facilities
Berlin Mitte
Furnished Apartment 1
€ 5,640 / Month
YOO 4.02 state-of-the-art housing complex in the city center
Berlin Mitte
Furnished Apartment 2
€ 3,730 / Month
YOO 3.10 state-of-the-art housing complex in the city center
Berlin Mitte
Furnished Apartment 1
€ 3,600 / Month
THE MILE Penthouse with roof top terrace and Berlin Mitte view
Berlin Mitte
Furnished Apartment 2
From € 235 / Night
Berlin Schöneberg
Furnished Apartment 1

Rent Furnished Flats and Luxury Apartments in Berlin

Berlin is one of the most historic, fashionable and dynamic cities in all of Europe. From the gorgeous architecture and cultural landmarks, to a thriving art scene and countless bars and restaurants, Berlin has something for everyone. 

And with FARAWAYHOME, you can find your perfect luxury rental apartment in the heart of Berlin with ease! Our apartments are located throughout the city in the most respected, upmarket, and vibrant neighbourhoods. From the traditional quiet of Schöneberg, to the thriving heartbeat of Charlottenburg and the historic and cultural centre of Mitte, luxury apartments in Berlin, Germany, are ready and waiting for your next stay. 


What do our luxury apartments look like? 

Luxury apartments are about making sure that you want for nothing. As standard, all of our stunning homes come with quality furniture and tasteful decor (tailored to each specific apartment and its environment), a full-spec kitchen (with utensils, cookware, crockery, and quality appliances), linens, the latest electronics, and superfast broadband. Our goal is to have you feeling at home from day one.

At the same time, each of our apartments possesses a bespoke and unique character. We have everything from beautiful traditional homes - complete with vaulted ceilings, marble floors, and original stonework - to ultra-modern apartments with trendy interiors, floor-to-ceiling windows and stunning views. Anyone looking for a luxury studio apartment for rent in Berlin will also find the best built-for-one homes in the city, right here. 


Luxury apartments handpicked for your stay

Berlin is an enormous city, and we know that a beautiful apartment on the wrong side of it is no use to you. We have therefore engaged luxury apartments for rent in Berlin, Germany, in every district so that you can have your pick of locations. These include:

  • Charlottenburg - Slightly removed from the centre, Charlottenburg is bursting with culture, historical significance, 17th century gardens and fine theatres. Ideal for those looking for a calming break. 
  • Tiergarten - In addition to its breathtaking park views, Tiergarten is ideal for diplomats who need proximity to the many embassies and parliamentary and governmental institutions located here. 
  • Mitte - If you’re not tied to a specific destination, Mitte is one of the most influential, desirable, and significant locations in the entire city. Entertainment, shopping, history, culture - Mitte has everything. 
  • Prenzlauer Berg - Simultaneously a respectable family neighborhood and a trendy and gentrified suburb, Prenzlauer Berg might be the most up-and-coming area in all of Berlin. 
  • Wilmersdorf - We have numerous luxury apartments in the upmarket area of Wilmersdorf, a natural home for business executives and high-flyers looking for somewhere beautiful and green, but still with that stunning architecture, bustling entertainment, and historical significance you expect in Berlin. 


Determine your own lease terms

Whether you’re here on executive business, diplomatic relations or for a simple vacation, you shouldn’t have the duration of your stay dictated to you. We ensure that for every luxury Berlin apartment rental, you stay for the exact number of days, weeks, or months that you require. 

Need a more flexible arrangement? We’ll work with you to find the perfect lease terms so you can avoid the rigidity and impracticality of a hotel, and find your ideal luxury apartment for rent in Berlin, Germany.


FAQs - What to Know Before Renting Apartments in Berlin

Do luxury holiday apartments in Berlin offer services like dry cleaning or room service?  

-No, our luxury apartments are private homes for just you and your family. We do also offer a wide range of serviced Berlin apartments for rent if that’s what you’re looking for! 

How can I find the best luxury apartments in Berlin? 

-You’ll find the most attractive and well-situated Berlin apartments right here on this page. Scroll up and find the perfect apartment for your stay! 

Is there a minimum lease length for your luxury apartments? 

-For most Apartments the minimum lease term is 3 months. In addition you can also find some luxury Apartments starting with a 1 month minimum lease length.

How hard is it to rent luxury apartments in Berlin, Germany?  

-Renting luxury apartments with FARAWAYHOME couldn’t be any easier: there’s no crazy paperwork or prolonged lease conversations. Once you find the right home for your stay, we’ll set you up in just a few minutes, taking care of all the complex details in the background. 

Are all luxury apartments fully-furnished? 

-Absolutely. At FARAWAYHOME, we want you to feel at home the instant you walk through the door. From modern technologies (like fibre broadband and HD TVs) to a ready-to-use kitchen and all linens, furniture, and toiletries, our apartments come with everything you need to settle into Berlin life. 


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