Rent Furnished Apartments in Berlin Grunewald

Berlin Grunewald

Elegant, quaint and verdant 

Grunewald counts as the most luxurious district of Berlin.

Apart from countless mansions, placid Grunewald is characterized by prestigious older buildings as well as impressive landscape gardens. Plenty of these buildings were built centuries ago and take visitors on an exciting journey through time.

Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Grunewald was the largest forest area of West-Berlin and attracted plenty of people. Still, to this day, the district draws its residents, as well as visitors, out into nature.

The idyll of Grunewald is bounded by the Havel river, which makes it a stunning scenery for cozy strolls.

The numerous hills, natural as well as man-made, provide a spectacular view over all of Grunewald. There is absolutely no big city rush left in this district.

Countless recreational activities, together with various cultural facilities, offer a welcome change from the tranquil landscape of Grunewald.

While staying in one of our apartments, you can enjoy this placid district with all its great qualities, including relaxing green spaces and great transport connection.


The most important landmark of Grunewald is its hunting lodge “Jagdschloss”. It is one of the oldest obtained mansion buildings of Berlin and is located to the south of the Grunewald lake. The lodge fascinates visitors with its unique renaissance architecture and is worth a visit for not only architecture enthusiasts but for everyone. Apart from its impressive architecture, the history of the lodge is just as unique and takes you on a journey through time back to the renaissance.

Another significant sight of Grunewald is the Grunewald tower. The over 100 year old belvedere has a 36 meter high observation deck, which offers a matchless view over the Havel. Not only its impressive brick façade, but especially the memorial hall for the former German emperor Wilhelm I. with the life-size sculpture of him regularly attracts many visitors.


Countless cultural activities in Grunewald will make your stay in one of our furnished apartments a once in a lifetime experience.

Especially the Brücke Museum is worth a visit. It holds about 400 paintings and sculptures of the artist group “Brücke”, that has existed for over 100 years. On a stroll through the gallery, visitors may view countless works of the expressionist style and plunge into the artists’ world. This impressive permanent exhibition is complemented by various shifting presentations and special exhibits.


Temporary housing in Dahlem above all offers you pure nature. One of the countless green spaces in Grunewald is the Grunewald Park. The area is about 3,000 hectares large and is bounded by the Havel River. It furthermore holds several small lakes and is especially popular among strollers. A special highlight of the park is the Teufelsberg, the second biggest hill in all of Berlin. The hill offers a beautiful view over the natural reserve of Grunewald. Former US-wiretap buildings still mark the landsite of the hill and provide it with a historic ambience.


If you would like to end your day with a culinaric experience before returning to your furnished housing, the Restaurant Vivaldi at the Schlosshotel Grunewald will have you covered. Apart from its historic ambience, the restaurant offers a contemporary staging of traditional meals – a unique journey through time for all senses.

Furthermore, the Châlet Suisse offers a great variety of regional meals, handled with some French and Swiss factors. You may also choose from the extensive wine list.


The great offer of reacreational activities in Grunewald regularly attracts visitors from all over Berlin.

On warm summer days, the bathing lake Lieper bay offers some cooling. With its large sand beach and several smaller bathing bays, the lake has a lot more to offer than only its outstanding water quality. Shade can be found in the small adjacent forest. The beautiful view over the Havel River and the island Lindwerder complement the scenery.

For everyone looking for some adventures, the Adventure Center Grunewald has the perfect exciting activities to offer. Apart from family activities as building rafts, the center furthermore has an own high rope course to climb. High above the ground, you may enjoy the beautiful nature surrounding you while actively scaling the high rope course.

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